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PechaKucha X

This is a piece I just did for PechaKucha X in Springfield, MO at the IdeaXfactory.  This is a great venue, and some wonderful people.  I was very excited to be a part of this one.  The theme for the event was the exploration of the idea…. so i did just that..


The Idea
or as i like to call it,

the strange trans dimential condensing loop dialog between the grim faced, steel nosed astral mnemonic abstraction of times inference

the neutronic binary cyber netic blue dragon intercourse of symbiotic memory enhancement.

the idea is a concept
a generalized synthesis of our material being
an idea, by all rights, has no ownership
i may have an idea but it it truly mine
where did the idea of the dna molecule come from
did it already exist or did it become manifest through intent and action
was the action a deliberate move toward actualization

so is the idea shared
or is it a solitary meta quadrangle
maybe the idea is a toroidal energy mass
increasing entropy towards a zero point causality
vibrating forged echo matter
through displacement and assembly

but the idea is nuanced
truth is in the interaction
between one another
between the other
between mind and body
between the silence and the light, as mr kahn says..

what is it about the collected group
the collective mind
what builds that connection
building blocks of in sanity
defying expectation of paradigm
now shift
how is it we sometimes pull thoughts
out of another’s head
are we in tune
in harmonics
so clever that we just know the next word about to leap from tongue
i’m not so convinced as the words which escape from my pen are mine
mad rants of isolated shimery jibbery jester and gesture
so carefully fallen there before my finger tips
gasping at the light falling on shadow of new context and meaning
intent reveals question, awareness reveals truth
time is exploding like ideas manifesting fireworks on a reflective blue day
these words, this breath are conveyors of meaning, a patterned vibration
these words help share our reality
our ideas are binded, flowing and ever changing

so in asking these questions by looking in, we find out and back again, asking more
what is the idea but asking more questions
acknowledging a need, desire or connection
brain storming
a seemingly chaotic metaphor
a dance and interpretation
the ever firing
synaptic race
to what
a conclusion
a theory
a relative notion
of negation
burning, churning, brewing, begetting and begatting
the tail wags freely like the summers dress out the back of the flat bed rumble board splinter
emotional non dissonance

with the lights turned down low
and the sun shining through the raised shade window trees of my mind
a peg legged raved whispers in my ear
the idea is
when all the elements
come together
in an alchemical sock hop
talk soup bread
and mead
twist them up
from pasture stead
watch the moments
leaving trails
from minds afar
and eyes so bright
break and turn
then gobble me up
i’ve hurried slow
now it’s my turn

it’s ok to chase that fledgling notion into the woods…just be aware of the trees

i like to use a form of non sense on occasion
to relate something i wish
to convey
a sense apart
from non
and in a sense
a relative
meaning torn apart from the fabric of context
a sea
of sense
a borderless abyss
a floating neural membrionic
sliding synaptic tectonic
sub stratic sense
a collapsing network
at the moment
blood becomes water
becoming acid that
etches through the
foil in the brain leeching
flourdine chloro rectal dramacode
the broadway nightly news, singing sluggishly, howdy, do it to me now.
truth is an emotion
it’s a feeling
of the many it is a yet undefined feeling
truth is the beholding of relevancy

ideas are awareness to possibilities in the intrinsic in life
the essential moment
the cracking dawn’s light
there can never be a stupid question
or path not taken
and there can never truly be a finite conclusion to a hypothesis
by it’s very nature is an ongoing theory
exhaustion usually kills the gazelle
there can only be more questions
and the mutual agreement
to find consensus of peace
and through the interplay
of synaptic bursts
relay and dance
and interpreted
charging through infinite light
and mind
and word
the translated interpretation of vibration becoming idea

the idea is alive
it’s existence has always been known
resting in depths
but we now have a framework
the hundredth monkey has helped us refine the networked relay
passages condensed
a welcome mat beckons the infant being
it is universal
it is synesthetic
all things and one
waiting and fighting
because it knows
what comes next
the collective spark
sudden rupture
mass perspective
holographic hallucination hydro
dark matter vortex
a strung theory
voyaging to singular monument
to a connection
to that glistening moment of

well now the idea expands
a super nova of building blocks
so heavy in the wind
they must find place
at our hands
at hour feet
moving forward – outward
pushing out
pulling infinity the bearing
of finite resources of
of existence
the idea now has a place in the heart
the gathering needs

so be aware
be open
the measurement of ponderment is crucial
calculate the inverse quantifiable causalities
over the squared imaginary rout of sphere
while sweating in a lodge
howling lone together
through knowlegefull trees
whispering breezes of ancient wizdom
abstracted monumental settings
bouncing reflectivity
a chorus of sonic vibrations
all ringing through that acid induced crystalline based protein twist commuicae
it all is all has become
we’re just dancing with a snake eating circles in the lawn
everything has purpose
everything is real
the knowledge of idea can only be brought by experience

belief and truth
experience, patience and respect
the cryptic challenge
cosmic matter to wine
sonic forge
striking the necessity to relate
the blocks take further shape
seeded deep in bio morphic memory
the webwork identity
of the binary mycellial network
we call connected
launching a cancoffany
of measurement
open sourced
to a leave a litany
of leaked secrets
on hero’s graves
lost in shadows
to another’s ideas
where the collected whole
breathes light
and emoted vision
sustaining essence
guiding vibration
and cultivating

slumbered and toiling
to arrive in the waking dream
to find yourself face down
in a mirror
tormented by a memory
you sharpen you claws
and reach ever higher
over clouds of mountains
rapping with spheres
in the sense of mystics
and now
until quiet embrace
of unknown gravitations force
draws balance
on a bar napkin
intoxicated with the brilliance of absent minded thought paradigm excursions
grabbing the moment
and howling into the light
because the question
is out there
now who’s going to ask it

an idea is like the cockeyed laughter to eruptions of chaos
a sacred line crossing metered to and fro

because when the cats raves, we’re indeed all mad here
the larger i, howls with delight
and curtsies with a snicker
of foolish insight
to the acknowledgement of light
cast over the pavements of sleepless nights

my apologies if my gyrations have gotten a little jaberwockian
but the path untold
is much more potentiated in hazard
than the path less followed

we’re exploring the idea and it’s manifestation inertia and potential
we’re spelunking the subconscious
looking for a cryptographic binary crack for the dna of this sonic universe
we have to imagine there is no box
no form until we breath light
forgetting blinders of faith
of momentum
of paradigm
of solution
of relatives
impressions are like an electric blue field of dandelions
wings spread
beautiful if only for a moment
but never silenced
the idea is powerful
it is fluid and transmutating
it is a distorted reflection awaiting interpretation
it may be ignored
co opted
then exploited
but never silenced
ideas exist in reciprocation
oration, technology, consciousness
ideas create balance in the world
there is no ownership of an idea
only opportunities for future success
the potential for the idea manifests in time
the entropic inertia of viral interaction
the idea is a transitioning malleable form
capable of anything

the intention was not to confuse tonight,
but to give light without sense in the traditional . Notion
and to invigorate thinking
non objective awareness leads everywhere
these are not just my ideas
there are our ideas

organic surrealism

so some friends and i have decided to proceed with attempting to describe a style of art we employ.  which we call organic surrealism.  one thing i think we can agree on is that it’s about the process and the connection and drawing something artful from these moments.  this is an exciting project.  i’m sure this will turn to an eternal project.  something to continually add to.  hence the wiki format.  it’s still an infant project, but many ideas to be laid down.

verse 58439

electric light



resonating song

erupting in



matter – genesis

stimulus beget more form


the building


emerged as caretaker

tender of the new


a fertile


from which grew more formation

of intention

soon life began


gods filled the


with themselves

as water




with intention and

the song


of cosmic




came new androgynous


[colors] lifes {forms}


verse 85732

only sonic interference

every movement sound


shock waves

shape shifting


bending octaves

through dimensions


the first discussion

is loud

dimensions intersecting

with purpose

not chaotic


the first being

is strong

multi dimension




tending growth

aiding re[generation]

more intention

more being



verse 48362

breath is an instinctual tool

breath is


gives life

appreciation of breath

is worthy


it is an organic element

with spirit



and mechanism all

to itself

and around

air is an organism

free to take


always present


here with us

between us

and the


rising and






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