Transient Mechanization

I’ve been thinking about an idea for a project for a long time now.  I’m very interested in turning the obvious into the, no so.  People and nature and their relationships intrigue me greatly.  There are functionalities in body and nature that mirror each other, show us that we are all connected.  Mathematics helps to describe the actions of the world.   Movement and texture, as well biological processes are part of all of our existence.  Including the thought process, which is often neglected in the natural world as we don’t often witness the conversation.  We see static images, but rarely take the time to sit down and talk to a tree.  Distorting the line of, what is, allows for a fresh approach.  Without representation you must interpret and project your interpretation of life.

It is my goal to reduce to the whole.  Interrelate the parts to a degree that the image becomes an expression.  I plan to shoot macro image shots of the human body.  I’m looking for kinematic structures.   The gears behind the machine, both external and internal.  The landscape ridges that form in the bend of a wrist and energy radiants escaping and reciprocating.  I will take these shots and begin to overlay cgi imagery, designed by a friend.  These images will form from an equation relating to condensing singularity, holographic light reflection of one.  I will also be incorporating other natural imagery, plant and biological life as the notions strikes.  There may also be a call to revisit photographing the original model based on the cgi interpretation of the first shots.  I will likely print these in large scale further distorting the value of the perception of, what is.


edit*  During the second round of cgi work my friend is going to input certain data from the actual models.  In this way a cgi form can be generated, both from the actual corporeal model, and an interpretive algorithmic model.  After this cgi model is created there are several possibilities for exploration.  I would like to have another session with the models where I project the wire-frame and shade cgi images onto the models and then photograph those.  The cgi models can also be texturized with different images and mapped onto the surface.  These models can then be used in a later project where we intend to do live interactive projections on the models in white body suits.  The models would be the projected moving canvas becoming something completely different, depending on actions and different inputs.